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We wish to draw your attention to Martin Hamer now having retired. His business interests have been taken over by Martin Thatcher at GreenChase Books & Auctions Ltd.

Greenchase Bulletin

2006 Badge Artwork

Forthcoming Auction

We will be holding an on-line auction on Saturday 21st April 2007. The sale will include fine copies of the early Rupert annuals together with untouched Magic Painting annuals of 1965 & 1968. An on-line catalogue is available.


We are always looking to improve the service we offer, so if you have ideas or views, please feed these back to us and we will endeavour to incorporate them.

Book Club

Find out about the benefits of joining our book club.

Signed & Unsigned Prints, Facsimiles and Other Collectibles

We have a range of signed & unsigned prints, facsimiles and other collectables available for sale.

The Hamer Comic Annual Guide and supplementary update

Martin Hamer's indispensable guide to British Comic Annuals.

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