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GreenChase Book Club

The GreenChase Book Club is now in its 10th year.

Members’ Benefits

Renewal Time

May 1st 2006 to April 30th 2007. We have included postage for the first item this year, as this seemed to cause some confusion last year.

Badge News

A big thank you to Entertainment Rights, the new owners of Rupert, who have just given permission for us to produce a limited number of badges with a Rupert image on this year. These badges will only be available to those who take out a subscription package. You will recall that last year we introduced a pixie, who may well be a recurring character. John Harrold is now working on the image and hopes to have it with us as soon as possible, although I know he is busy working on the cover and end paper design of this year’s annual.

Membership costs just £25 for the year 2006. Please fill out our 2006 order form (500KB PDF file - if you are unable to open the file you can install Adobe's free Acrobat Reader program).

(The GreenChase Book Club was formerly known as the Hamer Book Club.)

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